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It’s the images you’ll cherish after the wedding day that makes choosing the right wedding photographer so important . Your wedding story deserves to be captured by our hand selected photographers.  On the wedding day we ensure you enjoy a friendly, professional approach and are looked after by the best of the best.   


Being the centre of attention is foreign to most of us, however on your wedding day you will be! Having the confidence that you look and feel beautiful is where our hair & makeup specialists come in. Our teams are lead by some of the best & most awarded hair & makeup artists in Australia and you also have the benefit of a stylist being with you for the whole day.


At The Wedding Stylist we believe booking ‘The Best’ means you’re booking a florist team who are highly skilled, passionate about quality and able to create any design. Starting from the early mornings at market day through to the delivery of bouquets or installation of event flowers, our florist service ensures excellence at every level.

The Wedding Stylist;
Home of “Louise”

The Wedding Stylist;
Home of “Louise”

magic happens with us!

The team here at The Wedding Stylist ensure the wedding day is just beautiful… hair/makeup styled beautifully, veil placed in right, flowers that are perfect and photography to capture every special moment

The Elite Team



With over 30 years experience The Wedding Stylist specialises in providing magical wedding days for the brides and grooms we choose to work with.  Our premium service is not for everybody however with over 200 delighted couples already benefitting from this once in a lifetime experience and our exclusive list continuing to grow, we have THE magic formula for your special day.






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